What Epicor ERP 10 Can Do Well for Manufacturing


check_it_off_the_list_text_10957.pngEpicor ERP 10 is a very innovative product and with any innovative product, it takes collaboration of a few key things to maximize the effectiveness of the product. Is it worth it? Today’s Manufacturing companies must keep up with the trends of the industry and the reality is that those ahead of the curve are going to be way ahead of their competition. Sure, there is a few more headaches involved with being a trailblazer, but the rewards far outweigh the hiccups. Here are a 2 key features of Epicor ERP 10 that are not talked about regularly but make this worth the investment for a manufacturing company:

  • Scheduling. Manufacturing companies need flexible planning and scheduling. Epicor 10 has an advanced materials planning suite which is helpful to companies who want to improve their lead time. This functionality is handy for organizations that do special orders, made-to-order, seasonal orders, or are involved with private label products. Another scheduling item that is helpful is the ability to handle several scheduling obligations remotely from a single area of the system. This function provides visual tools that focus on resource optimization, capability based scheduling, resource and change management. Epicor 10 also allows cloud access to the schedule, which is extremely helpful for management. Scheduling in the cloud provides a safety net with availability with compliance and disaster recovery issues. If you run into a compliance issue or a natural disaster at one location, you can reconfigure machine tooling criteria in another location in a matter of minutes. Innovative companies have realized this version of Epicor protects your operations from downtime and ultimately helps your bottom line.
  • Engineering. Epicor is known for their innovations and knowledge of the manufacturing market. This has allowed them to produce all-encompassing engineering functionality. A 360 view of a part is available and anyone with access to ordering and production data can retrieve it and all from a single quote. Epicor views sales ordering and engineering in a single instance and this collaboration can improve lead time, while decreasing errors. This solution allows the sales team to act as the engineer. You no longer need to be technical in order to access part and material information and contracts can be created in a matter of minutes and lead time is cut to practically nothing. Any member of a sales team that is paid commissions, should be beating down the door for this functionality.

These 2 areas are just a few that Epicor ERP 10 can help your business with. You should take the time to learn all of the features and functionality that Epicor is rolling out with this product. The key to having a successful ERP installation is in the planning, execution and use of the system. If you plan and treat each of those 3 steps equally important, your implementation will be a success and there is no need to fear the unknown. Like in any IT project, you must choose and work with a solution provider that you trust and has your best interests in mind. 2W Tech has completed several Epicor ERP 10 installations and can work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is a success and that you are getting all the benefits out of the system that are intended.

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