Wearable IoT Devices Are the Future and Present of Tech


Wearable internet-enabled devices – they’re not just wristwatches anymore. Manufacturers throughout the world are looking for new forms of personal protection equipment(PPE) to safely bring employees back to the factory floor. Wearable IoT devices is poised to fill the void for PPE.

Items like wrist computers, ring scanners, smart terminals and smart glasses are items primed for applications in industrial sectors. These IoT devices items could easily be deployed for warehouse management, training, service and maintenance functions.

Some of the wearable IoT devices currently on the market include smart gloves, wirelessly powered electronic paper displays, VR headsets with AR overlays, and safety vests and hardhats, employing monitoring (for safety, not spying, of course).

Wearable internet-enabled devices were once considered a concept best saved for sci-fi movies, and even their initial foray into the market was little more than a flop. Today, however, the consumer market has taken the lead on wearable devices, and wearable IoT devices are not only keeping up, but they’re here to stay this time around.

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