Using Technology to Increase Business Productivity


When technology is properly implemented, it serves as a great tool that allows your employees to work remotely, helps with time management skills, and allows for collaboration between departments. Here are some tips to use technology to increase the efficiency of your business processes:

  1. office_worker_hard_at_work_anim_150_clr_15966-1Set up a Virtual Office– when workers don’t have to commute to an office, they save precious time they can use to get their work done. Technology allows these workers to collaborate with their co-workers in real-time so they can solve problems and finish projects at a more rapid pace than before.
  2. Set up an Intelligent Network– allows your business to take advantage of interactive calendaring, video conferencing, unified communications, and other technologies used for easy collaboration between employees, partners, suppliers, and customers.
  3. Give your employees secure, consistent access to information– provide your organization a secure, reliable network based on intelligent routers and switches to allow your employees access to the information and tools they need to stay competitive. Keeping this network up-to-date and reliable will help with overall employee satisfaction and decrease employee frustration and down time.
  4. Encourage mobile phone systems– missed calls can create project delays, missed opportunities, and lost revenues. A networked voice and data solution can allow your employees to be reached on multiple devices through a single phone number and inbox.
  5. Employ a Managed Services Provider– in some situations, it is necessary and advantageous to hire a Managed Service Provider to become your network administrator. Working with an MSP can free up your IT staff to focus on other IT tasks and become more proactive with their IT initiatives.
  6. Develop a long-term IT plan– the process of replacing obsolete hardware can stop operations of your business completely. Running outdated software programs can create lags in business operations. You can minimize these types of disruptions by creating both short term and long term business objectives and working with a solution partner to help execute these plans and deploying the technologies to match your goals.

To get the maximum return on your technology investment, it is important to make sure you are partnering with a solution provider that can help you achieve your goals. There are many IT solutions out there, it is important to partner with an industry expert that can explain all the options to you. It is also important that you understand how using technology can give your business a competitive edge, but can also hinder your business if it’s not made a priority.

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