In today’s new normal, one thing that hasn’t changed is the invaluable expertise and capabilities an IT managed services provider can bring to your organization. With companies operating with skeleton staffs, new IT challenges to maneuver and unpredictable revenues for the foreseeable future, MSPs are simply more valuable than ever.

Respondents to NTT Ltd. and IDG Research’s 2020 Global Managed Services Report typically gave off that impression. The over 1,200 IT and business leaders surveyed from around the world indicated they will need the help of MSPs for some time moving forward.

Reducing security risks is the top driver for manager service provider consideration, according to 65 percent of respondents. And 55 percent said it’s also the most common challenge MSPs can help global organizations with.

Even companies with in-house IT teams often need help from third parties, especially during major disruptions. For instance, 44 percent of organizations do not have adequate resources or skills in-house to cope with the number of security threats they face. Also, 62 percent of organizations said they expected an increased need for cybersecurity and IT support skills over the next two years.

It is not shocking that improved security is the top factor in supporting the business case for an organization’s use of a managed service provider, with 32 percent of respondents indicating as much.

Cloud infrastructure and IT security are the leading technologies outsourced to managed service providers, and those are set to increase over the next 18 months. Dependency on cloud infrastructure will rise from 73 percent to 77 percent, while cybersecurity will rise from 53 percent to 64 percent.

Organizations like yours primarily look for technical and industry expertise when choosing an MSP, according to respondents. 2W Technologies is a Managed Service Provider and has many clients utilizing one of our managed service models in various vertical markets. We would be happy to discuss your technology needs with you and see if you could be our next new partner.

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