The Epicor ERP Financials Core provides a modern platform to support an enterprises financial management. The modules within include all the necessary tools to start automating and integrating the financial operation of a company. The modules included in the Epicor ERP Financials Core include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger.  In addition, Epicor ERP offers Business Architecture the works with these modules to help maximize the benefits a business can receive. 

Here are some of the top Business Architecture Epicor ERP offers: 

  • Epicor Data Discovery (EDD): EDD powers the Epicor ERP Active Home Page by using pre-built content specific to Financial Management. The dashboards, charts, and customized BAQs on the Active Home Page display real-time operational data, streamlining answers for your financial team.  
  • Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA): This is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that uses context-aware Natural Language Processing (NLP) of EVA. A user can make inquiries on customers, invoices, and payments, and perform actions or create transactions within Financial Management within the app. 
  • Epicor HCM Link: This provides an interface tool that allows data to be exported from Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) into other systems. Tasks can be easily streamlined by transferring information via a one-way interface to your payroll provider, benefit administrator or other similar systems. 
  • Epicor Everywhere Framework: Offering a unique technology that stores all client business logic as tagged XML metadata. This enables Epicor applications to run as desktop applications or web clients all from the same source code.  
  • Epicor Enterprise Search: Providing a comprehensive search capability embedded right within the Epicor ERP. This makes navigating and accessing productivity tools easier for users. 
  • Epicor Service Connect: This is a central business integration platform that provides secure workflow orchestrations within Epicor service software applications and between both Epicor and non-Epicor applications. Users can automate tasks and streamline processes to promote efficiency across the supply and demand chains. 
  • Epicor Business Process Management (BPM):  Offering real-time, event-driven workflow orchestrations, process automation, and application integration without the need for programming. Allows you to build and manage your own business rules to support any internal performance initiatives like lean and Six Sigma you may have. 
  • Business Activity Query (BAQ): This query management tool in Epicor ERP allows users to create, modify, and share their own data queries. Updated BAQs change data in the live database. This tool allows for aggregation, grouping, filtering, and exporting information to Excel very easy.  
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS): SSRS offers a robust business reporting architecture with built-in standard reports in Epicor ERP using SSRS.  

If you would like to explore the Epicor ERP Financials Core or some of the top Business Architecture Epicor ERP offers, give us a call. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are one of the largest Epicor partners in the United States and hold several Microsoft Gold certifications. Let our team of ERP Consultants help your business understand all the benefits Epicor Kinetic ERP can offer your business. 

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