Understanding Password Attacks


Simple password attacks are quite common. But for how common they are, people really do not take their security seriously enough.  

There are three types of password attacks: 

  • Password spray: Guessing easy and common passwords against many accounts. 
  • Phishing: Usually done in an email or text. Message convincing someone to type in their credentials at a fake website.  
  • Breach replay: When a password breach happens, often users have the same password on other sites and a breach can occur a second or third time. 

When it comes to length and composition, your password does not really matter. However, that does not mean a user does not have to do their part. Your job is to have a password that cannot be easily guessed. In a password attack, a hacker can try up to fifty times to guess a password.  

Microsoft reports they deflect more than 1,000 password attacks per second in their systems, and more than 99.9% of those accounts that have been compromised do not have multi-factor authentication enabled. This is crazy! Multi-factor authentication is a basic and effortless way to defend against attacks.  

Does your business require multi-factor authentication? If not, you need to get that remedied immediately. It is an inexpensive and easy step you can implement that will offer your business protection against password attacks. Want to learn more? Call 2W Tech today! 

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