Understanding Microsoft Modern Workplace


Over the past few years, work dynamics have undergone significant transformation. With a growing number of employees working remotely, the expectation is that work should be accessible across all devices. Remote work is projected to become an even larger portion of the workforce in the future. Simultaneously, organizations must safeguard and fortify their data when employees work remotely.

The Microsoft Modern Workplace is a suite of tools that can improve employee productivity. It is agile, flexible, scalable, and harnesses the power of the cloud. Microsoft Modern Workplace offers a secure ecosystem that enhances communication and fosters collaboration. Irrespective of their location, employees can seamlessly access the necessary tools to remain connected and accomplish their tasks effectively.

  • Microsoft Office 365/Exchange powers email, calendars, and contacts
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security controls device management
  • Microsoft Teams offers video conferencing and collaboration tools
  • Power Automate and Power BI, along with a few other apps, connect apps and provide business intelligence
  • SharePoint provides a cloud-repository for document management
  • Azure is secure data storage.

Collectively, these features form the foundation of a contemporary work environment and facilitate smooth communication.

A key advantage of the modern workplace lies in its mobility. It empowers team member to access work tools from any location and at any time. Moreover, it offers remarkable flexibility scalability, contributes to digital transformation, and has the potential to enhance customer service.

Embracing the Microsoft Modern Workplace could serve as your remedy for establishing a secure and highly productive environment for your workforce. 2W Tech’s expertise lies in linking, safeguarding, overseeing, and enhancing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Whether it is strategizing, executing, monitoring, or fine-tuning, allow us to assist you in defining the contours of your Modern Workspace. We are one of Microsoft’s most innovative partners and hold several competencies, making us the perfect choice for your Microsoft needs.

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