Top Privacy Concerns for Enterprise Mobility


Organizations throughout the United States have accepted hybrid and remote work environments. Many of these risks are associated with allowing employees to use their own mobile devices – a.k.a. bring your own device (BYOD) policies – so they can work wherever the internet is available. However, there are numerous privacy concerns that should be considered, which also can pose cybersecurity risks for both employees and your business.   

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence recently addressed the top challenges your business may face with your newfound enterprise mobility:  

  • Loss of information via device wipe – Your employees may lose personal info due to your organization performing a device wipe without notification.   
  • Device surveillance – If your company collects geolocation, application data and hardware information, the policy may make employees feel as if they are constantly being watched.   
  • Data transmission via third-party security tools – Information that is shared to third-party security tools may not be transmitted securely or properly de-identified, which may lead to the reidentification of employee data.   
  • Malicious applications – Employees may experience data loss through the installation and use of unsecure applications from first- or third-party app stores.   
  • Employee awareness of organizational policies – Are your employees aware of organizational data collection/use policies? Or have they forgotten what these polies are? Either way, a lack of awareness may lead to a loss of trust between employees and your company.   
  • Unsecured public Wi-Fi – Your employees may have browsed sites and data, or communicated messages, while using unsecured public Wi-Fi, leading to exposure that can result in embarrassment or stigmatization for your business.   
  • Lost or stolen devices – Employees may experience data loss via lost or stolen devices that utilize insecure methods of authentication or lack the capability for remote wiping.   

Remote work is here to stay, so your BYOD policy should reflect that. If you need help developing a BYOD policy or making sure your network is safe as your employees work remotely, contact 2W Tech today. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We can help secure devices owned by your organization, as well as personal devices employees intend to connect to your network to keep your operations running smoothly. 

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