Tips for Handing Personal Device Security as an Organization


With the increase of hybrid and remote workforces, the term “office” has taken on an entirely new meaning. For many business professionals, the line between personal and business digital lives has become muddied. It creates new challenges for organizations as they continue to battle with their cybersecurity. So how should an organization oversee this new challenge? 

Here are some tips for businesses on how to approach personal device security as an organization: 

  • Understand your level of exposure: You need to be aware of potential entry points, so you know where to direct your resources. It is important to understand how your business can be impacted by security incidents that can occur from personal devices of your employees.  
  • Work within your constraints: The situation is a little tricky because organizations cannot require employees to register their personal devices or accounts to a central identity management system like you require for work devices and accounts. Attackers can gain access to your network by finding a security weakness in those personal assets. This is where open communication and training can really help. You may also be pleasantly surprised that your employees may be open to help ensuring their personal device safety. You can however, put restrictions in place if they are going to access the work network from their personal devices. 
  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork: Partner with your employees. Partner with a managed service provider. Using a managed cybersecurity software could be a win-win for your business and employee’s personal safety. Initiative-taking prevention is key to cybersecurity success.  

Your company is only successful with the collaboration from your entire team of employees. It is in the best interest of the company to ensure your employees are protected, whether that is while performing a work function or using a personal device.  

Successful cybersecurity can only happen when you have every member of your team on board. Protect your employees, and in turn, they will help protect the business.  

If you want help evaluating your cybersecurity solutions stack or need assistance with employee training, 2W Tech can help. Give us a call today and let our team of IT Consultants join in on your fight against cybercrime.

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