Time to Transition to a Managed Services IT Model?


Deciding whether to transition your organization from a break-fix IT model to a Managed Services model can be a tough decision. Everybody hates change. Change is scary. Here are some of the top reasons your organization should consider moving to an MSP-enabled IT strategy:

  • You expect increased technology usage due to growth in your staff. As an organization grows, not only does the number of users increase, but typically this means outdated systems will need updated to ensure the organization is all running on the same system.
  • Some of your systems are starting to become considered legacy or may even have had so many alterations to them that they now are considered complex challenges and go way beyond your internal expertise. By turning over responsibility for your IT infrastructure to an MSP, you leverage their training, R&D, and their expertise with the technologies you need to deploy.
  • You need 24X7 IT support. Whether this is more coverage than your in-house IT staff can provide or if you just need the confidence that your network is constantly being monitored, an MSP has remote monitoring software that is constantly monitoring your network and finding and correcting problems before they can disrupt your network.
  • Most organizations don’t pay attention to the security of their network until there is a breach. Whether you have had a security breach or are just now considering the importance of this, an MSP can provide on-site security, as well as remote support and dedicated secure networks.
  • You are considering a converged network/consolidation of IT resource strategy and need to ensure the transition goes smoothly. An MSP has the Infrastructure expertise to lead and carry-out this process for your organization.
  • Your capital budget is constrained and you need or want to avoid up-front investments in your equipment.
  • Technology evolves so quickly so your technology needs will shift over time and you need to stay on top of what’s new in the market and what solutions will best suit your changing user requirements. To keep your organization competitive, you need to ensure that your IT strategy keeps you on the cutting edge.
  • Your organization is growing and you recognize the need to integrate technology tools into a wide variety of enterprise applications to ensure all your systems are running in tandem and not working against each other. To do this properly, you need an MSP that has a staff with a wide array of technological knowledge and expertise.

Whether it be one of the above reasons or all of them, enlisting an MSP for your organization can be a very wise business decision. Chances are that your current IT strategy relies on a break-fix set up, which means that by the time you know there is a problem, your business and staff’s productivity has already been affected. MSPs can proactively monitor your system 24/7, identify any issues you may be having, and fix them before you usually even notice there is a problem, virtually eliminating downtime. They also can perform diagnostics on your systems, servers, and network to prevent any problems from arising in the first place. What more reason do you need than that?

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