The Top Reasons Power BI Can Improve Your Operations


Power BI continues to make waves this year as the program to transform your business, especially for the manufacturing industry. But are you still unsure why it could be a game-changer for your organization?

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If so, here are a few reasons leading businesses are turning to Power BI to gain better insights into the massive amounts of data their organizations generate daily: 

  • Automate reporting in your business and insight generation – With Power BI reporting, you can automatically integrate various data sources for your business and generate reports automatically. For example, Power BI can be integrated with your ERP that reports the daily progress of products’ production. By creating or choosing templates, managers can get daily, weekly and monthly reports along with interactive data visualizations with the help of Power BI.  
  • Features include drag-and-drop interactions – The drag-and-drop feature allows every employee no matter their technological skill level the ability to use hundreds of features available on your dashboard. Creating charts, tables, custom visualizations, values and other effects is simple.
  • The growing community of Power BI users and integrations – As it gains popularity, more templates are available for your use. You can easily find thousands of templates for Power BI created by members of the online community, and searching for these shortcuts, hacks and new trends is simple. Integration with other software is essential, as well, and most of the new software launched recently supports Power BI.  
  • Enable more advanced analytics with familiar Excel features – Advanced Excel users knowledgeable in Data Analysis Expressions (formula language can dig deeper into their data and find patterns easier with its familiar Power Pivot features like clustering, forecasting, grouping and quick measures. This powerful toolset will be easy to pick up for MS Excel users, allowing you to leverage existing organizational expertise and ease into Power BI faster.  

You made the right choice by implementing an ERP system, so make sure you’re taking the steps necessary to achieve your desired ROI on the system. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and would love to introduce your business to Power BI and the benefits this data analytics product can bring to your business.  Contact 2W Tech today to see how robust dashboards can be customized to your business intelligence needs.

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