The Informational and Operational Technology Partnership


Informational Technology (IT) is a term used in every business when referring to technology. It is important to a business because it plays a critical role in every aspect of modern business and society. IT encompasses the use of computers, networking, and other physical devices, infrastructure, and processes to create, process, store, secure, and exchange all forms of electronic data.

Operational Technology (OT) refers to the hardware and software systems that are used to monitor and control physical devices, processes, and events in various industries, particularly in manufacturing and industrial settings. OT is directly connected to the operation and health of machinery and assets, and it plays a critical role in industries such as energy, utilities, and transportation. The primary focus of OT is on the physical devices and processes they control, with an emphasis on reliability, safety, and real-time performance.

OT and IT work together to enhance the efficiency, safety, and productivity of business operations.

Here is how they typically interact:

  1. Data Integration: OT systems generate vast amounts of data from machines and sensors that IT systems capture and store for analysis.
  2. Process Optimization: IT can use data from OT to optimize processes, predict maintenance needs, and improve decision-making through analytics and business intelligence tools.
  3. Security: IT security protocols can be applied to OT to protect against cyberthreats, ensuring both data integrity and the safety of the operational environment.
  4. Remote Monitoring and Control: IT enables remote access to OT systems, allowing for monitoring and control of operations from anywhere, which can be particularly useful for troubleshooting or when physical access is limited.
  5. Compliance and Reporting: IT systems can help ensure that OT operations comply with industry regulations by providing tools for reporting and documentation.

2W Tech understands the importance of not only utilizing both IT and OT in an organization but having them work coordinated is key. When 2W Tech does an Epicor Kinetic ERP implementation, the integration of OT and IT is evident. The outcome is streamlined manufacturing operations by combining the real-time operational data with IT systems for improved visibility and control. We also regularly help our clients leverage Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 to facilitate the secure and efficient management of both OT and IT data across the enterprise.

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