The Difference Between Hardware Inventory and Software Inventory


One of the many services 2W Tech offers as a managed service provider is software and hardware inventory. We scan your entire network and record details about every computer, your operating system and any software packages installed.  

There is a difference between hardware inventory and software inventory. Hardware inventory includes details about memory, operating systems, manufacturers, device types, peripherals, etc. The software inventory focuses on details about the software detected in the network grouped by volume and software. 

Many organizations don’t have a record of what they have on hand and that can be a security risk for multiple reasons. Without truly understanding what software you are running on your systems, there can be no guarantee the software is patched. Running legacy hardware is just as much a risk.  

Managed service providers like 2W Tech take the IT aspect of your business and work with you hand in hand so you can focus on how you make your money. You can rely on 2W Tech to remotely monitor your IT infrastructure while you handle your core capabilities and deliver the best customer service possible. Give us a call today to start exploring our Managed Service plans and discover how 2W Tech can help modernize your technology landscape and reduce your internal burden.  

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