The Cybernization of Manufacturing Needs an Economy


With just about every device you can comprehend having access to the internet in some capacity, it’s actually quite surprising a more robust cybersecurity economy hasn’t risen out of the opportunity. But that could be changing sooner rather than later. Digitization of automation and manufacturing supply chains expands existing cyber-attack surfaces and creates new ones every day. The manufacturing industry needs to rethink the economics of cybersecurity and how it builds cyber systems for the future of the industry.

According to Cisco Systems, the number of nodes in the Internet is expected to reach 50 billion by next year, including humans, machines, devices, companies and government agents. Since each node potentially exposes all network participants to cyber risks, essentially, the risk of the network correlates with the number of nodes in the network. These cyberattacks surfaces across the network are of great interest to adversarial nations and other threat agents as vehicles to damage the American economy; destroy our energy, communications and logistics infrastructure; disrupt our manufacturing supply chains; and harm our citizens and soldiers.

As an industry, we must change our approach to cybersecurity and develop a new business model that enables a secure digital transformation to propel America to the forefront of manufacturing competitiveness. New digital technologies, such as pervasive cloud computing, peer-to-peer computing, advanced mobile networks, distributed networking and storage, secure distributed ledgers, crypto contracts, quantum key distribution, and trusted identity keys and digital passports are increasingly available for industrial applications at cost points significantly lower than those of legacy technologies.

In this era of cyber-secure manufacturing innovation, all users of cyber systems can become economic participants in designing, implementing and operating a more secure cyber world. 2W Tech is a full-service IT consulting firm that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Contact us today to better protect your operations during the cybernization of manufacturing.

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