Superpower Your Manufacturing ERP Solution – Part 2


Small and mid-sized companies are increasingly realizing the importance of automating their processes both for efficiency and to improve their bottom line.
By integrating your ERP software and other in-house applications, you will save time that employees would have wasted doing multiple data entry and counter-checking the multiple systems for data accuracy.

custom_puzzle_piece_out_of_line_13804Plan Effectively for Demand and Supply

Integrating the ERP system with other software enables you to plan effectively for demand and supply. You can effectively meet your raw material requirements when you have accurate data on the state of activities along the supply chain.
As a manager, integration will help you to:

  • Synchronize production in the organization to meet the raw material requirements.
  • Take control or fuel supply by planning well in advance.
  • Analyze energy efficiency based on consumption, output and market price in order to achieve an optimal energy mix.
  • Manage the performance of various organizational supply chain equipment to improve production and lower costs.

Address Customer Needs by Integrating ERP and CRM

The core objective of any business is to serve customers in the most efficient way without compromising on the quality of their productions. ERP solutions enable businesses to improve the performance of internal processes and keep their customers happy at the same time. For example, you can integrate your ERP with CRM solutions to see how your staff interacts with customers all through their life cycle.
Integration also enables your team to market your products more effectively. When the CRM and ERP solutions are integrated, your marketing team can device more targeted campaigns based on real customer information. This will result in a positive ROI both in the long and short run. Customers will more willing to buy when they are targeted with relevant offers. Moreover, your sales team can nurture the customers for long term relationship, which means more business and profits.
ERP solutions improve productivity in the workplace by eliminating duplication of work. Moreover, they also enable employees to have a good view of your customers, be pro-active in handling customer questions and resolve them more effectively.
Automating your organization workplace using ERP enables your team to work faster and smarter. This improved efficiency usually translates to improved profits.

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