Superpower Your Manufacturing ERP Solution – Part 1


Small and mid-sized companies are increasingly realizing the importance of automating their processes both for efficiency and to improve their bottom line. As a result, most of them are installing ERP systems to better manage various aspects of their operations.
When optimally used, ERP systems can help managers identify inefficiencies along the production line so that they can take corrective action fast. Installing an ERP solution should help you better manage your data. However, sometimes organizations find their employees having to input the same data in multiple systems. This leads to inefficiencies and reduces productivity.
So, what do you to eliminate the multiple data entry situation and the inevitable islands of data generated as a result?
To improve the power of your ERP, look into migrating or integrating those processes and system you are using outside of your ERP to using within your system.
custom_puzzle_piece_out_of_line_13804For example, if you are already using solutions like Excel, QuickBooks or other software, look into adding modules or upgrading to a version that can be configured to your ERP to improve data input accuracy and eliminate instances of having to input the same data multiple times. If that’s not feasible, many modern ERP systems have the capability to interface data from/to other systems to at lease eliminate data islands.
Other benefits of integrating your legacy solutions to your ERP include:

  1. Get accurate data on your processes and inventory since data input is only done once and available in all systems.
  2. Get real-time data on purchases, inventory, shipping and other processes.
  3. Easily manage activities, schedules and orders to ensure efficiency in the organization.
  4. Quickly generate job cost estimates and quotes based on the data already available across all the systems.

By integrating your ERP software and other in-house applications, you will save time that employees would have wasted doing multiple data entry and counter-checking the multiple systems for data accuracy.
Automating your organization workplace using ERP enables your team to work faster and smarter. This improved efficiency usually translates to improved profits.

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