Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to hack into your operations and steal your data. With that in mind, your cybersecurity plan should be evolving constantly to counteract any potential attacks.

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Here are a handful of steps you should take to ensure you’re protecting your organization in the best ways possible:

  1. Create a security policy — This document should cover all aspects of security, including physical and digital access, disaster recovery plans, a change-management process, encryption standards, password-management processes, email policies, network policies, and server, software and application security policies.
  2. Security awareness training — Cybercriminals often gain access to business assets through internal employees by reaching out via business-like emails with embedded links or attachments. Staffers who click these links or download the attachments provide a portal to company systems.
  3. Security vulnerability scanning — Periodic vulnerability scan solutions can keep your IT team updated on all the vulnerabilities along with remediation steps to improve your vulnerability score.
  4. On-premise cybersecurity — In order to bring about better management and control, IT leaders should engage their current on-premise security node vendor to help transition to a single central management system.
  5. Cloud security — With the advent of cloud security, your IT team can route outbound traffic to a cloud setup. Security settings can be applied and managed by a central portal.
  6. Encrypted voice security — Businesses that deal with sensitive information like that protected by HIPAA or credit card info under the guise of PCI run the risk of compromising that information through phone calls. The easiest way to assess the requirement for encrypted voice is by validating if any confidential information is relayed via the phone.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to ensure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity plan. There’s no need to attempt to tackle this part of your business on your own. Contact 2W Tech today to get started with your Cybersecurity Compliance Program and let our IT Consultants do the work for you.

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