Just last month, Steelcase fell victim to a serious cyberattack, which inflicted so much damage, it temporarily halted their operations. Steelcase is the world’s largest office furniture manufacturer with nearly 13,000 employees, a network of 800 dealers, and $3.7 billion in revenue in 2020. They suffered a Ryuk ransomware attack, forcing them to halt global operations for about two weeks. A billion dollar business had to shut down all affected systems and related operations. Unbelievable.

Cybersecurity is probably the most misunderstood and neglected technology facing the world today. Businesses especially, are underestimating and failing to properly address cybersecurity across both their cyber and physical systems. Operational networks, especially in a manufacturing environment, has become quite the attractive target for ransomware attacks.

The manufacturing industry has already had their fair share of problems due to COVID, so any other set back of operations would cost them time, and in turn, money.  What would it cost your company if your manufacturing operations had to cease for 2 weeks? Don’t forget to consider the manufacturing delays causes shipping delays, which pushes out revenue.

Manufacturing was the most targeted industry last year by phishing attempts, as well as browser exploits. Browser exploits allow hackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities in operating systems and change users’ browser settings without their knowledge.

The only way to protect your business is to shift your philosophy on security towards a new, holistic approach. Coupling the right technology with following best practices, it is possible to monitor and mitigate risks. Don’t try to tackle your cybersecurity prevention alone, let 2W Tech help. Your cybersecurity solution should include regular cybersecurity assessments, testing, monitoring and a strategy for risk containment, remediation and response using the latest antivirus and firewall solutions.

Let our experts objectively assess your organization’s cybersecurity practices and develop a plan and policies that both proactively mitigate risk and react to events such as data breaches and disasters. Give us a call today to get started before you find yourselves in the same leaky boat as Steelcase.

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