There’s no better way to kick off 2020 than with a network audit. Before you dive head first into starting the new year with a network audit, here are a few steps to ensure you’re heading checking the right boxes as you map out your network.

  • Learn regulatory requirements: First and foremost, make sure you’ll stay out of the cross-hairs of various government agencies by maintaining compliance with your industry’s various regulations. Compliance can be overwhelming for many IT departments and third-party consultants because they may not have a clear understanding of what various regulations require.
  • Conduct a network pre-assessment: To be compliant, IT organizations must first know and understand their compliance profiles. IT execs must review IT infrastructure, application architecture, policies, procedures and processes, and overall network design.
  • Standardize policies and processes across IT domains: Many government, risk and compliance (GRC) efforts start in one domain, but IT organizations need to design compliance efforts to address an entire IT and business environment.
  • Educate IT and company users on compliance policies: IT executives working toward compliance must conduct education and training exercises with IT and corporate users to ensure they’re following the set of policies and procedures designed to keep a company compliant.
  • Monitor ongoing compliance: Once policies are established and systems are standardized in line with regulatory requirements, IT executives should invest in tools to monitor network and system access to prevent compliance creep.

The fact that many IT audits can now be conducted quickly and effectively with appropriate audit software and network tools makes multiple audits a year more achievable. Look for a partner that can come in and conduct your network audit using a solution with auditing and consolidation, real-time monitoring, reporting and remote endpoint management. 2W Tech is a full-service IT consulting firm that has the appropriate auditing software and tools to ensure you stay on top of your IT demands the rest of the year. Give us a call today to ensure your technology can carry you through 2020.

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