SMBs Remain Bullish on SaaS


Software as a Service is a key capability in a managed services provider’s toolkit, and in the early stages of the pandemic business climate, it looked as if companies were going to hold onto funds previously earmarked for that service. However, according to a study by research firm Analysys Mason, SMBs are looking at SaaS once again – albeit to a slightly lesser extent.

According to the research, small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) were expected to buy less SaaS in 2020 because of COVID-19. But the sector was still expected to grow by 12 percent this year. The yo-yo effect has to do with countless companies’ furloughs and permanent layoffs, the analysts commented. But economies are reopening, so the need for SaaS will return. Also, the pandemic has changed how we work for the most part, which means small to mid-sized businesses and large corporations alike could use more SaaS in the long term.

This could be especially true for retail and restaurant businesses, two sectors that continue to struggle with the new business climate created by COVID-19.

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