Enterprises can expect the trend of increased data breaches to continue to rise in 2021. Last year, we saw a record high of new types of malware and cybersecurity attacks hitting entities we would have bet on being totally locked down security wise. The most recent news worthy attack was SolarWinds, a breach on the US government from foreign hackers. Although the SolarWinds attack allowed access to Microsoft’ email client, this did not happen because of a Microsoft vulnerability.¬†Although the attack was of no fault of Microsoft’s, there are still some simple tips you can follow to help protect your Microsoft 365 account.

  1. Multi-factor authentication. This is an extra layer of security added to your account, so instead of just entering a password, you also need a verification code sent directly to you.
  2. Password management. Never use a duplicate password for accounts. You should also choose a strong password, one that avoids using common words and is at least eight characters long. Using a password manager program is a great way to create strong passwords without having to remember them.
  3. Avoid phishing scams. This is a type of attack where hackers impersonate a company or someone you know to trick you into revealing personal information like passwords or credit card numbers. You must train your users to pay attention to anything suspicious, like a misspelled word or email address.
  4. Protect your apps. Only run and install apps from legitimate sources. Within Microsoft 365, using Microsoft apps to access those accounts is the most secure choice. Always keep your apps up-to-date and security fixes installed.
  5. Account recovery. You can set up your account to make it easy to recover in case all else fails and you do get hacked.

Microsoft continues to release new guidelines and security measures to help keep your Microsoft products secure. You can do your part, by assuring you take a few minutes and make sure your Microsoft 365 account is protected by following the above tips. If you would like any guidance on the security of your Microsoft 365 account, or any of your software applications, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and Microsoft Gold Partner. We can help you ensure you are protected from outside and internal threats.

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