Signs You Need an ERP Upgrade


There are always reasons to avoid an ERP upgrade – not in the budget, the current version is working ok, employee training and buy-in, etc. But oftentimes, there are countless more reasons your ERP system should be upgraded regularly, especially if you haven’t migrated your ERP system to the cloud.  

If your ERP system is experiencing any of these issues, it is time for an upgrade: 

  • Lack of mobility – Workforces have been increasingly mobile for years. With COVID-19 restricting employees to remote work, mobile accessibility is more important than ever. A cloud-based ERP lets you access necessary information from multiple devices and operating systems where there’s an internet connection. 
  • Performance issues – Legacy ERP systems that are five to 10 years old will not have the same functionality or speed required in today’s business environment. Server issues, poor connections and processing speed slow down your ERP and your employees, as well. 
  • Resource strain – Maintaining a legacy ERP, especially one with numerous customizations, takes its toll on an IT department. A cloud-based ERP system like Epicor allows you to reduce maintenance and labor costs and redeploy assets to other mission-critical work. 
  • Limited integration – Your ERP should be able to bring together all areas of your operations, including customer relationship management, human resources, sales and marketing, customer service maintenance, repair, distribution, and warehouse management systems. Choose an ERP that includes all business functions. 
  • Lack of vendor support – A lack of vendor support may mean no more security patches, bug fixes or necessary improvements. If you wait too long to upgrade your ERP, you may need several versions which will lead to more complex upgrade projects and extra training for employees.  
  • Regulatory and compliance issues – You may be able to work around some of the other issues in this list with Frankenstein solutions and third-party workarounds, but regulatory and compliance violations is one area you don’t want to skimp on. The European Union’s GDPR gives EU residents more rights to manage what information is collected, how it’s used and where it is sold. Many U.S. government agencies have strict guidelines about data storage, access and security, as well.  

Epicor has taken steps to give your organization the tools you need to excel at business.  It is now up to you to plan, implement and maximize the use of these tools within your organization. 2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and has over 30 years experience with Epicor upgrades, project management, and training needed to maximize your system once it is installed. Call us today to get started. 

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