Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your ERP System


ERP systems are the heart of every organization and successful organizations use it to increase their efficiency and performance. An ERP system is intended to give a business a better way to reach mission-critical goals. Although the reality is that not all of the systems available on the market really simplify and accelerate business operations for a sustainable competitive advantage. The other reality is that most organizations wait too long to upgrade their ERP system.

ERP System Upgrade Epicor Gold Partner ERP Consultants

Here are some signs that your organization may need an ERP system upgrade:

  • Seeing numerous business inefficiencies
  • Business needs bypassed ERP capability
  • Not meeting customer expectations
  • Not meeting mobility needs
  • Can’t access information real-time
  • Integration issues
  • No active support contract
  • Inability to handle all areas
  • Non-user friendly ERP system

Modern day ERP systems are a powerful tool that can help your business function in the competitive market. It is important when you upgrade to uncover the best product for your organization, since this is a resource intended to increase productivity, not produce confusion and frustration among users. When looking for a new ERP system, consider your business requirements and ensure your team evaluates each product while keeping those in mind. Purchasing an ERP system based on cost is never a good idea. You can’t put a price tag on business efficiency.

2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and has ERP Consultants on staff that can help your team evaluate if this solution is the best choice for your organization. Epicor specializes in ERP systems for the Manufacturing industry. Give us a call today to learn more.

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