The use of big data is the catalyst for a variety of new markets across the IT spectrum. With the vast number of sophisticated cyberthreats that could bring down your organization from within or outside your walls, you should consider big data for security analytics as well.

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The use of big data analytics and machine learning enables a business to do a deep analysis of the information collected. For example, it is invaluable for any company or business organization to use an employee system monitoring program that relies on big data analytics. From there, the company’s compliance officer or the human resource manager can replay the behavioral characteristics of an insider. While security threats are imminent due to employee-related breaches, both small companies and big corporations can prevent the compromise of the integrity of their systems by employees.

One critical and more progressive precaution is the incorporation of an intrusion detection system (IDS). Big data analytics becomes critical in the use of the IDS, as it provides all the necessary information required for the monitoring of a company’s network. It is also important to comprehend business requirements in order to make an informed decision about deploying an IDS system.

There’s no worse feeling than finding out your organization has been breached by a successful cyberattack. 2W Tech has a Cybersecurity Compliance Program and would be happy to assist your business with your cybersecurity initiatives. Give us a call today to get started.

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