Returning Your Remote Workforce Back to Your Physical Office


Numerous states are attempting to return to business as usual in the face of the coronavirus to stem the steady decline the U.S. economy already has experienced. However, it is still important to keep your people healthy and safe as they make their way back to your facilities.

Here are a few tips to consider as your remote workforce returns to your place of business:

  • New rules for the new normal – We have been handed a new set of rules for everyday living that applies to the business world, as well – no more shaking hands, limit client events, etc. Your office setting should have new rules in place, too. Consider increasing the distance between each workspace and increased hygiene procedures like hand washing and using hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment. Temperature checks could be implemented for visitors entering the building, as well.
  • Bring back only the staff you need onsite – If your remote work scenario proved functional over these last several weeks, there is no reason to bring back the entire staff all at once. You should consider who absolutely needs to be onsite and roll out your return to on-premises work accordingly. For example, your facilities team probably would be the first to return onsite, followed by IT teams.
  • Digital hygiene is a must – Washing hands frequently and maintaining social distance are the best ways to keep everyone virus free. But what about your IT infrastructure? There will be challenges your IT team will have to overcome after your employees have been working remotely for weeks. For example, their devices will move from VPNs to direct connections to your organization’s corporate network once again, so it is imperative to make sure these devices are clean and free of malware.

Safeguard your IT infrastructure as your employees come back to your facilities by relying on 2W Tech. You must assume that many devices were accessing your network without the proper safeguards in place. 2W Tech is a technology service provider, specializing in security solutions for a variety of industries, especially manufacturing. Contact us today to get started.

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