Reshape Your Messages with Microsoft Copilot in Teams


Effective communication is crucial for managing your workday. Whether you are collaborating with colleagues, discussing project details, or sharing updates in a chat, you can convey your thoughts tailored to your audience. Using Microsoft Copilot in Teams’ chat and channels compose box is a powerful tool that enhances your messages.

Copilot assists you in creating polished and coherent messages directly from the text compose box in chat and channels. Copilot goes beyond spell-checking and grammar correction; it suggests improvements, rewrites, and adjustments to enhance clarity, tone, and impact. To navigate to the message, compose box in Teams and start crafting your message, all that is required is a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license. To begin rewriting, click the Copilot icon in your chat box, press ‘Rewrite” and witness your message transform instantly.

Beside the ‘Rewrite’ button is an ‘Adjust” option. It allows you to tailor your message for different audiences, whether it is a coworker, friends, team, or manager. It is as easy as selecting the ‘Adjust’ menu to modify the message length (concise or longer) or adjust the tone (casual, professional, confident, or enthusiastic). The ‘Rewrite’ features is useful when you do not have specific requests for Copilot and simply want to use it as a proofreader. On the other hand, ‘Adjust’ allows you to specify exactly what changes you would like in your message. While Copilot is the foundation, always proofread and verify any generated content before hitting send.

While relying on Copilot’s pre-set adjustment options is an effective way to quickly rewrite your messages without prompts, there is an exciting new feature: Custom tone. With Custom tone, you can provide specific instructions to Copilot, tailoring your message exactly as you envision it. Using this feature, you can define the tone of Copilot’s message rewrites through an open-ended prompt. You can do something as simple as adding persuasive language or providing additional context or perform something more complex such as translating your message into another language. Custom tone gives you the freedom to make Copilot work exactly how you need and want it to!

Stay tuned to this blog or the Microsoft official blog page for updates on Microsoft Copilot in Teams. It is constantly evolving and improving, so more cool features and functionality are sure to come!

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