Rely on BullPhish ID to Train Employees on Phishing Attacks


You can have the best firewalls and antivirus software in place on your systems, but there’s one thing those safeguards can’t counteract: human error. That’s why phishing – a type of social engineering cyberattack where well-meaning employees are duped into giving away sensitive information or payments to cybercrooks – accounts for over 80 percent of all cyberattacks. BullPhish ID from ID Agent can be used to make sure your employees are aware of phishing attacks so they – and your organization – don’t become victims.  

BullPhish ID is used by managed services providers, including 2W Tech, to empower clients to mount a strong defense against cybercrime with security awareness training featuring phishing simulation to enhance your security posture.  

Through BullPhish ID, 2W Tech can provide clients with an extensive set of premade phishing simulation kits to help get fake phishing campaigns up and running in minutes. Ready-to-use training videos available in eight languages help your employees recognize and deflect the latest phishing threats.  

BullPhish ID also offers effective training without jargon delivered in bite-sized segments with quizzes that measure knowledge retention of your employees. Reports can be produced to help demonstrate the results and value of this security training. And easy campaign management and automated training delivered through a personalized, user-friendly training portal also is available.  

Your employees are the first line of defense for your organization against cyberattacks. Make sure they have the knowledge required to maintain that perimeter by providing them with the proper training. Partner with 2W Tech for help and we’ll set up comprehensive phishing training for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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