Microsoft has been consistently publishing a monthly round-up highlighting new features and functionalities for most their main products. In the last year, these have been must-reads because every month, there have been several product advancements. January 2021 is no different as Microsoft announced several new features in Microsoft 365.

For Microsoft Teams, there were many changes. Highlights include:

  • Chat & Collaboration: You can now have up to 10,000 users on an org-wide team. Teams will also now queue messages sent while you’re offline, automatically sending them when you’re back online.
  • Approvals: This new central hub lets you manage approvals for your business, including project proposals and client agreements.
  • Meetings: There are new meeting chat moderation settings where you can disable chats, or set it to only during the meeting. We also saw the introduction of a shared calendar in a Teams channel.
  • Calling: Microsoft announced Cataleya, ULTATEL, Atos, and Patton have completed the SBC certification process, so they can work with Teams now.
  • Power Platform and Custom Development: There is a new Teams UI Design Kit and UI Library.
  • Security, Compliance, & Privacy: the first security recommendation for Teams on Secure Score is now available.
  • Education: New policy wizard was introduced.
  • Government: Government users can now access Together Mode, Multi-Window Chat, Multi-Window for Meetings and Calling experiences, meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint, and more.

Next up is Microsoft Lists. Earlier this month, the team published the Microsoft Lists iOS app, promising that an Android app is coming in the near future. For Microsoft To Do, AI technology was introduced allowing users to get tasks suggested to them based on keywords and deadlines. Microsoft Excel received a small update, LAMBDA function was added to let users turn their formulas into reusable functions.

And finally, there were some Microsoft Visio features added. You can now insert icons into Visio files, and you can rotate, recolor, and resize content without affecting the quality of the image. You are also permitted to use the ‘latest shapes’ to represent an Azure architectural diagram.

Microsoft continues to impress users with the amount of changes they are making across the board. Microsoft Teams continues to see the heaviest amount of new features and functionality, but that should not come as a surprise. The pandemic has caused for heavy remote work all over the globe, so Microsoft had to make fast work in getting Teams ready for the challenge.

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