In Part 2 of Reasons to Upgrade to Epicor Kinetic, we will focus on the new features users will find in the latest version of Kinetic in Product Management, Production management, Financial Management, and Business Intelligence and Analytics. We always recommend running the most updated version of software for improved performance and security. You get that with the latest release of Epicor Kinetic in a very feature rich version.

New features include:

  • Product Management
    • Engineering Workbench
      • Engineering Mass Checkout – Mass checkout of parts to the Engineering workbench (2023.2)
      • BOM/BOO Comparison – Ability to compare BOM / BOO within the Engineering Workbench before checking in the revisions (2024.1)
      • Default Labor Entry Method – The ability to define the default labor entry method for an operation (2024.1)
  • Production Management
    • Job Management
      • Simplified Job Creation – Consolidation of various fields on different screens, decreasing the number of steps and screens that a user must navigate during a common production planning workflow (2023.2)
      • Supervisor Sign Out – Allows supervisor the ability to clock-out employees from Data Collection (2024.1)
    • MRP
      • MRP Performance Improvement – Enhances MRP’s ability to select parts to be analyzed, substantially reducing the amount of time to run a full regenerative MRP (2023.2)
      • Multi-level Process Log – Adds new process log to help diagnose MRP Pegging issues to the MRP Pegging process. (2024.1)
      • Improved Time Phase – Inquiry updated to have more information and allow users to update planning parameters & run MRP regen for single part (2024.1)
  • Financial Management
    • Accounts Receivable
      • Quote to Cash Explorer – New Quote to Cash Explorer available in Entry and Tracker views of Quote, Order, Pack, Invoice and Cash Receipts (2023.2)
    • General Accounting
      • Assigned GL Account Warning – Indicates when a user inactivates a GL Account that is assigned to a GL Control (2023.1)
      • GL Control Account “Where used” – Ability to see if and where accounts are used in GL Control (2023.1)
      • Inter-site Site GL Segment Wizard – Site Segment Wizard to simplify setup of Inter-Site accounts (2022.2)
      • GL Journal Tracker Header Descriptions – Ability to see journal header descriptions (2023.1)
      • Trial Balance “as of” – Ability to generate Trial balance ‘as of’ a specific date (2023.1)
    • Accounts Payable
      • AP Recurring Invoice Number Change – Allowance for invoice numbers to be changed for recurring AP Invoices (2023.2)
      • AP Payment Tracker – Helps finance experts to review better what was paid, to whom, when, and with what terms (2023.2)
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • BAQ Maintenance
      • BAQ sub-query testing – Ability to test sub-queries independently (2023.2)
      • BAQ as a source for another BAQ – Allows users to treat BAQs as a stored procedure for reuse in other BAQs (2023.2)
      • Procure to Pay Explorer – Visual representation of activities and items in the finance process (2023.1)

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