Reasons to Upgrade Epicor Kinetic – Part 1


We always recommend upgrading your software to the latest version for both security and performance related reasons. With each new release, Epicor Kinetic continues to expand its capabilities, creating new opportunities for manufacturers.

Here are some key features in Sales Management and Supply Chain Management you can gain by moving to the latest release of Epicor Kinetic and adopting the browser UX:

  • Sales Management
    • Sales Orders
      • Automated Sales Order Fulfillment – create fulfillment automation rules that are applied during the allocation process to automatically allocate sales orders (2022.2)
      • Order Fulfillment Inactive Customers, etc. – Allows users with the ability to inactivate those customers, ship vias, and/or part classes (2021.2)
      • Support for Incoterms – Enter the Incoterms information on sales quotes, orders, shipments, and invoices (2023.2)
      • Shipping Calendar – New shipping calendars allow users to validate ship-by and need-by dates (2023.2)
      • Inactivate ‘ship-to’ – Prohibit any future sales orders or pack slips from using an inactive address (2023.2)
      • Quote to Cash Explorer – Allows users to explore sales orders, shipments, invoices, and payments with visual tools (2023.2)
      • Promise Date – Promise Date field on Sales Orders for better on-time delivery tracking (2024.1)
    • Supply Chain Management
      • Purchasing
        • POs Generated by PO Suggestions – Now shows a list of POs that were generated (2024.1)
        • RFQ for Attribute Tracked Parts – Allow for Attribute tracked part to be used in an RFQ (2023.2)
        • Procure to Pay Explorer – Visual tools for the procurement process (2023.1)
      • Inventory
        • Country of Origin on Lot – Allows for country of origin to be assigned to lots (2023.1)
        • Inventory by Revision & Inventory Attributes – Ability to set inventory-by-revision tracked and inventory-by-attribute tracked parts as serial tracked (2022.2)
        • QA Inspection Required on Part level – Allow to specify, at the part level, whether to inspect the part or not (2023.2)
        • Lot Traceability Genealogy – View the path that the lot took, i.e., the transactions where the lot was brought in, consumed, etc. (2023.1)
        • Package Control (PCID) in WIP – Ability to produce an operation to a PCID and move that PCID within WIP and to the next operation as a whole PCID (2022.2)
        • Stock Status Dashboard – Dashboard for parts showing real time on-hand information (2024.1)
        • Saleable Part – Ability to mark a Part as Saleable / Non-Saleable in the Part table (2024.1)
      • Shipping
        • Create RMA from Shipment – Allows an RMA to be created from an invoice or shipment pack as the source, then edits can be made thereafter (2024.1)
        • Phantom Pack and Master Pack for Misc, Subcontract, and Transfers – Allows the Kinetic workstation to be able to freight in both Pack and Master Pack at the same time (2023.1)
        • With each new release, Epicor Kinetic continues to expand its capabilities, allowing manufacturers to find new ways to streamline and enhance their businesses. See how you can unlock the hidden treasures by moving to the latest release of Kinetic and adopting the browser UX.

Stay tuned for Monday’s blog where we will look at some key features in Product Management, Production Management, Financial Management, and Business Intelligence and Analytics you can gain by moving to the latest release of Epicor Kinetic and adopting the browser UX.

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