Action Required – UPS Changes to Quick Ship

As of June 3, 2024, Shipping Integration to UPS via Quick Ship will be Affected.

Quick Ship users must upgrade their API to the OAuth 2.0 model to prevent any UPS shipping disruptions; read more about your next steps.

To strengthen overall security, lower fraud, and offer improved API capabilities, UPS implemented an OAuth 2.0 security mechanism for all its APIs. UPS is going to phase out its current access key-based authorization system.

In addition to the new authorization method, UPS APIs have undergone changes to fit a true RESTful pattern. Quick Ship will be adopting to the new UPS RESTful pattern in upcoming releases.

For instructions on how to check your Insight Manifest or Quick Ship versions, click here.

Next Steps:

If you are a Quick Ship in the Cloud customer, the update will be automatically applied to your Pilot environment on May 1, followed by Production on May 23. However, please note there are still some steps that need to be taken to ensure proper authentication and configuration of your UPS account.

For on-premises customers, your required actions are dependent upon your Quick Ship release based on the Epicor’s Lifecycle Policy.

For all releases of Manifest, and Quick Ship releases below 2022.2: To continue shipping with UPS via the integration, you will be required to upgrade to an active release version of Quick Ship or migrate to Quick Ship in the Cloud.

For Quick Ship releases 2022.2 and higher, an update is now available to enable UPS integration via OAuth 2.0. The update is available on EpicWeb.

Business Continuity in the Cloud

As you continue to evaluate the best solutions for your business, consider migrating your Quick Ship solution to the Cloud. It empowers your business to move to modern computing to efficiently adapt to sudden carrier updates when they are automatically deployed by Epicor, minimizing disruption, and reducing the need for forced upgrades. The lower total cost of ownership is scalable, allowing you to grow your company at your own pace while improving security, which is now more important than ever.

To request assistance from 2WTech with upgrading, updating, or re-configuring the UPS integration, fill out the form below and a team member will reach out to you shortly!

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