Questions Make The Difference in Project Planning


When you’re project planning a complex IT project, your IT consultants shouldn’t leave anything to chance. That means you as the project owner should be ready for a barrage of questions that delve into the depths of your organization, even diving headlong into your company’s mission statement and values for the best project management experience possible.

How does it all connect in the end? Well, the more questions an IT consultant like 2W Tech asks during project planning, there will most likely be fewer change orders along the way. There may be missteps along the way, but plenty of preplanning in the early stages of a project will help smooth things over for the duration of the project.

For example, let’s consider a manufacturing company who wants to upgrade its IT infrastructure. Does this involve the factory floor, office personnel, or both? Do all departments need licenses for all software, or can those be purchased on an as-needed basis? Is the client brand loyal, or is the consultant free to shop around for new product lines? What regulations and mandates does the client need to adhere to?

These are examples of preliminary questions we at 2W Tech could ask you, the client, as we get a better sense for what you need for project management. We want to be more than an IT consultant – we aim to serve as your business partner, and we have the knowledge and capabilities to fill that role.

2W Tech has experienced Project Managers on staff who specialize in making your IT or Epicor projects run as smooth as possible. Whether it is time for an upgrade, enhancements, customizations, or a little of everything, let our group of professional Epicor and IT experts manage your technology initiatives. 2W Tech is both an Epicor Gold Partner, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Contact us today for more information.

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