Protect your Data and Identity with Confidential Computing


We are seeing more and more organizations adopting hybrid and public cloud services, increasing the urgency to find data privacy solutions. The main objective of confidential computing is to instill a sense of confidence in the security of data. Confidential computing is a newer technology that allows an organization to unlock the value of their most private data while keeping it more safe and secure. Organizations can now protect their data and applications in use by running them within secure enclaves.  

Data encryption is certainly not new to cloud computing. Traditionally, cloud providers have encrypted data at rest, sitting in a database or on a storage device. There has also been data encrypted in transit, moving through a network. With confidential computing, in addition to data that is at rest and in transit, data in use is also protected with encryption.  

Organizations can now run sensitive applications and data on untrusted infrastructure, public clouds, and all other hosted environments. This gives organizations greater control over the security and privacy of applications and data inside and outside of their established security perimeter.  

Confidential Computing is just another security measure your business can put in place to protect against outside threats. Need help with your security landscape? Let us help. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We can work hand in hand in your organization to help you pick the best security solutions for your business.  

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