Maximize profitability by building on your strengths

  • Which manufacturing best practices actually apply to the way you do business?
  • How can you make sure your ERP system will support your unique processes?
  • Which ERP system provides the best blend of standardization and customization?

For over 30 years, 2W Tech has been specializing in helping manufacturers design and implement Epicor ERP Manufacturing systems that meet the exact needs of their individual businesses. We start by applying the built-in business processes of the Epicor ERP system. We then work with you to discover what’s truly unique about your business, and we tailor the system to support your uniqueness in ways that maximize your efficiency and drive greater profitability.

76% of CFO’s surveyed say they are likely to recommend Epicor ERP – Source TechValidate

Standardize and Automate with Epicor ERP Manufacturing

Epicor ERP Manufacturing standardizes and automates your core business processes so that you can spend more time and resources building on what makes you great. With Epicor ERP Manufacturing, you can master such processes as:

  • Configure to Order
  • Engineer to Order
  • Made to Order
  • Make to Stock
  • Project Management
  • Repetitive Manufacturing

As your business grows and changes, your Epicor ERP Manufacturing system can grow along with it. You can easily:

  • Scale your operations to a new distribution center.
  • Open plants in additional countries.
  • Offload product lines to third-party shipping and logistics providers.
  • Integrate your production system with your ecommerce website in real time.
  • Manage inventory for your key customers.

We’ll Help You Achieve Operational Excellence

In the face of global competition, shrinking margins, and intense new regulations, you’re under greater pressure than ever to go beyond operational “status quo” and achieve operational excellence.

2W Tech can help you get there. We’ll help you deploy an Epicor ERP Manufacturing solution that meets your needs. You’ll get the tools and information you need to make fast, informed decisions that lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction—and greater profitability.

” The savings we achieved through the Epicor ERP solution have been tremendous. Through the enhanced ability to cross-reference our materials with order histories, we were able to reduce our inventory by 10 percent within the first six months of implementation. This has allowed us to pre-order 40 percent of our raw material and negotiate lower prices with vendors, resulting in significant cost savings and discounts.”

            CFO | International Distributor