The COVID-19 pandemic had many businesses scrambling to react to the quick shutdown or altered state of running their business.  Previous standards, like the need for people to turn up in an office every day, have gone by the wayside as remote working becomes the new normal. Some less fortunate businesses had to furlough or layoff part of their staff. Maybe you are one of the lucky few that might be in the fortunate position of needing more technology to accommodate new employees. Regardless of what your business looks like 3-4 months post COVID-19, now is the perfect time to conduct an operational review for technology.

Much of the software you run within your business is done on a per license basis. Whether you saw an increase or decrease in headcount, that number should also coincide with the number of licenses you are paying for. And when you’ve settled on the number of licenses needed, the next question is if you are paying too little or too much for the functionality needed for the business. You also need to know what active users consume to understand what functionality is needed and what can be discarded.

Maybe your business was in a situation you quickly had to purchase laptops, phones and other hardware to accommodate the needs of those quickly moving home. What are the chances you took the time to conduct a thorough inventory on that?  Or maybe because of COVID-19, you had to layoff employees. Was there a process for those employees to return their laptops and phones? Those are all assets of the business, so now is the time to do an operational review of your hardware so that you have an accurate list of what is yours.

This pandemic changed the way we all do business and caused many of us to react to the situation in not the most ideal way. Now is the time to conduct a full operational review on all areas of your technology so that you are starting the second half of the year on the right foot. Scaling down your technology needs can only free up money for those other upgrades and IT projects you have been putting on the back burner.

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