The pandemic thrust many businesses into the unknown. Every business had to adapt in order to stay afloat and to work towards the demands of the new normal. The companies that adjusted the best were ones who had already started their digital transformation and used cloud to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

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Every business that was able to weather the pandemic is embracing more modern ways of doing things in order to become more agile. Those who don’t embrace the cloud will be missing the new kinds of business models the technology allows. Having a common framework lets enterprises take advantage of applications built by leading cloud providers.

To effectively embrace the cloud, you need to start with a long-term plan.  Without having a plan, you risk unnecessary cost increases, frustration by employees and customers, and unknowingly hindering innovation that you could be taking advantage of. The most common mistakes businesses make is they take their entire workload and dump it in the cloud and walk away. You need to optimize your cloud investment to take full advantage of the features offered.

The truth is that the cloud speeds up the timeline a business can do something compared to running on-premises solutions. The more organizations look to a hybrid cloud approach as the infrastructure mode of the future, the need for a way to migrate legacy systems more easily is becoming an increasing necessity.

If you have not embraced the cloud yet, it is not too late. You may be a few steps behind but with a proper cloud strategy, you can catch up to the competition in no time. Need help developing an appropriate cloud strategy? Let us help. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are also a Microsoft Gold Partner that can introduce your team to the benefits of the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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