NIST Framework Promoting Responsible Artificial Intelligence


The National Institute of Standards and Technology is rolling out new, voluntary rules for what responsible artificial intelligence usage should look like. Congress required NIST to create the AI Risk Management Framework as part of the 2020 National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act.  

This past week, NIST released AI Risk Management Framework (RMF). This provides several criteria for organizations on how to maximize the reliability and trustworthiness of AI algorithms as they are developed and deployed.  The framework is general all industries and is non-binding.  

“If we’re not careful — and sometimes even when we are — AI can exacerbate biases and inequalities that already exist in our society,” Laurie Locascio, NIST Director and Undersecretary of Commerce, stated at a launch event for the framework. “The good news is, understanding and managing the risks of AI systems will help to enhance their trustworthiness.” 

By releasing this framework, NIST is hoping to accelerate the adoption of AI, while bringing attention to some of the risks in doing so could mean to a business or industry.  

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