Maybe 2020 was the year you finally upgraded your ERP system or installed a new ERP system. Phase 1 of your implementation may have taken the better part of the year.  Prior to beginning your ERP project, you probably had a comprehensive list of functionality and customizations that was important to your business. This list often gets paired down to wants vs. needs when you are pushing against the clock to complete Phase 1.  Phase 1 gets completed and you throw up your hands and declare….we need some time before we start Phase 2. The clock is still ticking.

The best part about Phase 2 implementations is that all the important items are already up and running, so you can approach this phase a little more relaxed. Bring your ERP Consultant back into the fold. Get out your wish list and review it with your ERP Consultant and your department heads. Review your business processes and how you are currently using your new ERP system with your ERP Consultant and make a plan together on how to better utilize the system. 

What about the security of your ERP system? This is typically one of the biggest areas we see clients try to “worry about later”. Make this the most important part of your Phase 2 if you fall into this boat. Prioritizing security for all your technology systems and applications should be top priority, because to be honest, your business can not afford not to. It only takes 1 attack or user error to expose your network, data and company to a vulnerability you may not be able to survive.

Commit to yourself and your business to take steps to maximize your ERP investment in 2021 and beyond. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and Epicor Gold Partner. We are a long standing Epicor partner and value-added reseller and have ERP Consultants on staff that can help you maximize your Epicor ERP investment. Give us a call today to learn more.

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