Employers want their employees back in the office this year, whether on a full-time basis or in a hybrid environment. Either way, office spaces need to be reassessed for the technological needs required to cater to employees who want to avoid touching surfaces as much as possible to stay healthy.  

Here are some technology upgrades to consider as your workforce returns to your office space in 2022:  

  • Flexibility – Whether a business is planning to build new offices, renovate or move, today’s organizations need to create flexible spaces in the office environment to appeal to their teams and support collaboration. This allows people to work from the office, home, a café or in the field as necessary. Onsite, it also requires wireless networks and wireless presentation systems to support each employee’s devices.   
  • Low touch – If you want people back in the office, you’re going to have to minimize the number of things they need to touch. You can thank Covid for that. Having the ability to throw content to a screen in a conference room, for example, instead of sharing a computer, will be in demand.   
  • Video collaboration – Businesses need better spaces for team events. These spaces need good mics, good cameras and good speakers. And Microsoft Teams is the feature-rich app of choice to make video collaboration happen for your organization.   
  • Digital signage – The use of digital signage is growing in popularity to ensure people know what they should and should not be doing in this pandemic age. Digital signage explains Covid protocols to the masses and any other content you need to share.  
  • Wireless connectivity – With so much touchless technology and video needs throughout an office, the Wi-Fi must be robust. Video meetings require significant bandwidth. A SMB might require a boost to the typical 50 Mbps they use.  

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