New In-Product Visuals Store Available for your Power BI via Microsoft


With all the data your organization produces, it can be difficult to process and analyze exactly what it is telling you. Power BI from Microsoft helps you comprehend this data, and the visuals available through Power BI give your organization digestible analytics the entire organization can understand. 

Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced a new look for the Power BI in-product store for the August desktop release. In this store, users can browse all the visuals authorized by your organization.  

In the store, you can find: 

  • More than 300 AppSource visuals created by Microsoft or its partners; 
  • Private or AppSource visuals managed by your Power BI admin; and 
  • A unified view where you get access to all visuals available in your organization in one page. 

In the new in-product store, you will see all the visuals that are allowed by your Power BI admin and are fully deployed in the production environment. You also can browse the full list at In order to see only the visuals managed by your admin or AppSource visuals, you can filter by the organizational visuals or the AppSource visuals tabs at the top of the page. AppSource visuals are marked with a blue shopping-cart icon, and hover over a visual to display a description of the visual. Editor’s pics are marked with a special icon. These visuals are selected by Microsoft every month based on criteria including visual quality, innovation and user experience.  

The new experience also includes filter by menu, an improved search bar and sorting by menu. 

You made the right choice by implementing an ERP system, so make sure you’re taking the steps necessary to achieve your desired ROI on the system. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and would love to introduce your business to Power BI and the benefits this data analytics product can bring to your business.  Contact 2W Tech today to see how robust dashboards can be customized to your business intelligence needs.  

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