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As businesses around the world continue to find new ways to support flexible work environments, Microsoft keeps looking at ways their technology can support those efforts. They shared news of some of the feature updates coming to Microsoft Teams Rooms and Devices, and Teams Meetings that will improve the meeting experience for all users.

  • Cloud IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms on Window will be available next quarter for Pro license holders. This feature breaks up the single video feed of the room into a composite view displaying focused and frames video tiles of meeting attendees. For non-intelligent cameras, Cloud IntelliFrame delivers an enhance video gallery experience by leveraging Microsoft Cloud AI.
  • Multiple video stream capabilities and AI-powered active speaker tracking are coming soon for intelligent cameras. Anyone included in Microsoft’s Technology Adoption Program (TAP) has already begun to deploy the Yealink SmartVision 60 and most updated Jabra Panacast 50. Combined, these solutions deliver AI-powered active speaker tracking, multiple video streams, and intelligent speaker capabilities, which can identify a speaker for the meeting transcript. The SmartVision 60 can group in-room participants in the roster if they have identified themselves and then label each individual video stream with their name.
  • Teams Rooms for Android is also receiving some love from Microsoft. This month, they received smart camera controls. Teams Room Pro from Android is receiving smart camera controls. Users will have the ability to adjust framing of the in-room camera from the console for cameras.
  • Releasing this month, content cameras will have the ability to notice physical whiteboards and share a zoomed-in view as an independent video feed. As a user pulls out a dry-erase marker and brings the whiteboard in on the action, remote attendees can follow along.
  • Now available for online meetings, the profanity filtering toggle allows you to turn on or off the profanity filtering for live captions.
  • New improvements to the captions experience now provides more flexibility in online meetings. The full speaker’s name is now displayed, the default number of lines has increased from 2 to 3, and you can scroll up through the last few minutes of captions in case you missed something.
  • The captions ‘Settings’ button now opens to a new pane on the right side of the meetings window to easily set Language and Styles configuration. You can specify the current spoken language for the meeting in the Language section of the settings pane. If you have a Teams Premium license, you will also be able to specify the language for live translated captions.
  • Front Row comes to life in the next Windows update: Front Row will replace everyone’s background with a shared background and apply a uniform size to each video feed so that remote attendees appear life-sized to participants in the room no matter distance from camera.

Some other updates worth mentioning include spatial audio, Together Mode controls for Teams Rooms on Windows, Breakout Rooms support, 1:1 calling between a Teams Room and a SIP or H.323 based VTC., and a fresh look to Teams Rooms on Windows. And finally, Intelligent Recap is introduces and leverages AI to automatically provide a comprehensive overview of your online meeting, helping users catch up, recall, and follow-up on hour-long meetings in minutes.

For more details on these features, you can read about it here: Microsoft Official Blog

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