New Features Added to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap


The Microsoft 365 roadmap added some new entries last week for some exciting things to come. Many of those are focused on the Outlook email clients.

The classic Outlook for Windows app now has some Microsoft Copilot generative AI features including summarizing email threads and writing coaches. The new Outlook for Windows app and on the web is getting Copilot in May. This will be the same Microsoft Copilot experience you can get from the Microsoft teams app and from

The new Outlook for Windows app and the web version will also add some new RSVP settings in July. These settings will give users a better experience when responding to meeting invitations. Meeting invitations will no longer be deleted after RSVP’ing. The other cool feature is meeting invitations will automatically auto-decline if the attendee’s calendar shows as busy.

In June, new meeting details features will be added to the new Outlook Windows app and the web version. When a conversation in Mail is part of a meeting, the Reading Pane will have a new and improved Meeting Details card for a more efficient and modern RSVP flow.

Users will a Copilot license can now leverage Copilot in Loop when they paste Loop components into the Teams app, Outlook, and Meeting Notes.

There are a few Microsoft Teams features added as well. Teams rooms users on the desktop will gain speaker recognition and attribution features in June. Teams users on all platforms will get some Workflow improvements in June. Users will be able to discover which Workflows templates are used and will have access to the workflow template. They can create their own automated Teams workflows to save them time when completing routine tasks.

Stay tuned to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap for more updates.

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