Microsoft Teams has kept up with Zoom and other videoconferencing applications as their popularity has skyrocketed over the last year-and-a-half. However, the audio quality had left something to be desired.  

Microsoft Teams is adding a high-fidelity Music Mode designed to improve audio streaming quality during Teams meetings. The feature is scheduled for release later this month. 

As of today, the Microsoft Teams desktop app enables users to share sound from their computer in a meeting or live event. However, the existing audio isn’t great, and the app filters out additional noises and reduces variation in sound level.  

Once released, the intelligent music mode will automatically optimize the settings to preserve the quality of the original sound of an audio or video clip played in a meeting. 

In music mode, Microsoft supports up to 32 kHz sampling rate mono audio at 128 kbps and optimize its internal audio processing settings for reproducing music with high fidelity. Teams will automatically adjust the audio bitrate based on the available bandwidth, going down to 48 kbps while still delivering good music quality. Users also will have the option to turn off components like echo cancellation, noise suppression, and gain control if needed. 

If you need help managing these settings or want to learn more about Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams, give 2W Tech a call today. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. 

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