Monitor Risky Online Behavior through Microsoft 365 Alerts


Organizations like yours face external cybersecurity threats from countless sources. However, your own employees oftentimes are the source of your data breaches, ransomware attacks and other cybercrimes, whether they unintentionally give access to your network or plan an inside job. To combat this, the Microsoft 365 compliance center provides administrators with ways to configure alerts that trigger when employees are engaged in risky behavior online.

Microsoft 365’s insider risk management allows your organization to detect and act on browser exfiltration signals for all nonexecutable files viewed in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.  

Through this system, administrators can choose to be alerted when an employee copies files to personal cloud storage or a USB flash drive, for example, or when files are transferred to an insecure network share.  

The roadmap entries on the Microsoft 365 are short on details, but it sounds like upgrades will provide admins with an increased level of visibility over employee behavior online, as well as improving the likelihood that these kids of risky activities are detected.  

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