Mobility Means Managed Services Ahead For You


As an IT Consultant and Value-Added Reseller, we have some choice in the technologies that we offer our customers. But the reality is that most of the decisions to add technologies or new products is mostly driven by our customers and keeping up with the changes in their industry.
digital_devices_800_clr_9577Over the last couple years, BYOD (bring your own device) and mobility have been increasingly popular and the need for those in today’s business world to keep competitive and to work more efficiently has exploded. By changing your work environment to include more devices such as cellphones and tablets and by allowing employees more mobility while working, you are also demanding more “advanced” IT services.
As organizations adopt BYOD and mobility strategies, they are placing heightened pressure on IT departments and networks. Your already thin technical staff will be asked to sync and manage more devices, manage increased bandwidth issues, will be faced with increased security issues, and so on and so on. This means you need to consider going into a mobile strategy more carefully.
Managed Services is not a new term in the technology world, but it may be a new term for you as the end-user. Many businesses are still on a break-fix IT model. Meaning, you have someone(s) on your staff that manages your IT network. Most likely, you use an IT Consultant or VAR when you need additional help or services. Moving your organization from a break-fix model to a Managed Services model is taking the stress of managing your day-to-day network and devices out of your hands and into an experienced IT organization. This allows for a more proactive approach to your IT, allowing things such as moving to a more mobile work environment, a reality that won’t break your network or send your IT person running for the hills.
Managed Services allows an organization the ability to grow without worrying about outgrowing your IT department and IT resources. As new trends such as BYOD, cloud technologies, and mobility occur, your business can feel free to use these technologies and your Managed Services Provider (MSP) can work with you to create an IT plan that will allow seamless adoption without harming your productivity.
Today the trend is BYOD and cloud; tomorrow it could be automated robots. The reality is that technology is ever-changing and an MSP makes it their job to become experts in these technologies so that you as a customer don’t have to dedicate the resources to keeping up with the IT trends, as this is a job that never ends. If you need more information on what a Managed Services program can mean for your organization, keep reading some additional resources below, or give us a call today.

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