Microsoft to Retire Azure Blockchain


Microsoft has announced that it will retire Azure Blockchain in September. The company cited industry changes and declined interest in the product as the main reasons for discontinuing the marketing of the Azure Blockchain. Microsoft partners with ConsenSys to offer a migration path for existing customers. ConsenSys’s Quorum Blockchain Services (QBS) is fully compatible with the Azure Blockchain service.

Existing users will have to migrate their ledger data to an alternative offering. Microsoft recommends users who already developed a blockchain solution migrate to the QBS for a managed offering or opt to manage their blockchain stack themselves using Infrastructure as a Service VMs. For users who were still in the evaluation phase or in the early stages of developing a blockchain solution with Azure Blockchain, Microsoft recommends evaluating either Quorum or Besu templates, both of which are available in the Azure Marketplace.  

At its pinnacle, Azure Blockchain Service allowed users to simplify the formation, management and governance of consortium blockchain networks so they could focus on business logic and app development. Users were able to deploy fully managed blockchain networks in just a few clicks and govern at scale with built-in governance and codeless consortia management. Users also could capture, react to, and store ledger data off-chain using blockchain data manager for end-to-end solutions.  

ConsenSys is an industry leader in Ethereum blockchain solutions, with products to support a range of applications. Microsoft chose QBS for its blockchain-as-a-service capabilities, meaning there is no need for users to manually provision hardware, configure software or set up networking and security components.  

Microsoft’s migration guide is available online and contains additional information on how to delete resources, download and export data from Azure Blockchain Service.  

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