Microsoft Teams News for August 2023


Once again, Microsoft continues their monthly enhancements to Microsoft Teams in August 2023. Microsoft announced fifty-two new features and devices!

New chat and collaboration capabilities were announced. Teams received some improvements to the chat message hover menu to help make replying to a message quicker. There is also a dedicated edit button that appears when a user hovers over a sent message. The compact chat view was updated to let users view extra line breaks, time stamps, and now view indicators in conversations.

Tasks added tasks lists in Microsoft Loop components can now synchronize with Microsoft to Do and Microsoft Planner. Microsoft also released a new dynamic backgrounds feature to improve the meeting experience for users and make it more immersive. It is also now possible for attendees to join public webinars on up to three concurrent devices.

Here are some other updates worth mentioning:

  • Management features: IT admins can proactively monitor the meeting quality through real-time telemetry. For organizations with Microsoft Teams subscriptions, there are new controls for IT admins that only allow participants to choose custom organization-wise backgrounds for meetings.
  • Microsoft Teams phones: They introduces a refreshed interface to streamline the call delegation process on both ends. There is also a new feature that lets users preconfigure Microsoft Teams Phone-certified devices to immediately call dedicated contacts/phone numbers. They also introduced new Teams-certified devices for customers including: AudioCodes C435HD, AudioCodes C455HD-DBW, Yealink BH71 Workstation and headset, EPOS IMPACT 1060T, and B&O Beocom EX Earbuds.
  • Rooms and devices: Some improvements include the Front Row gallery feature getting support for video segmentation with a unified background. This update allows users to remove individual backgrounds, adjust participant size, and apply a unified background for all participants. Other capabilities include support for spatial audio, multi-stream intelligent camera features, as well as face and voice recognition.
  • Protected voicemail notifications: You will now receive notifications in Teams when they have received a protected voicemail, ensuring that these important communications are not missed.
  • Scan a QR code on Teams Panels to quickly reserve a room: This feature enables you to book a room for meetings now, in the future, or as part of a scheduled meeting with fewer steps by scanning a QR code on the scheduling panel with their mobile device.

Stay tuned to see what may be coming in September to Microsoft Teams.

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