Microsoft Teams Getting More Intuitive for Mobile Users


Microsoft Teams has led the way for videoconferencing from laptop and desktop computers through the pandemic and beyond. These days, Microsoft is focusing on the mobile Teams app for users on the go.  

The latest updates on the horizon are geared toward improving the Android and iOS versions of the app specifically.

On iOS, Microsoft Teams is much easier to use when searching for information. Users can search for a specific message and choose to order results by relevance or date. The app also will offer search topic suggestions as you type and display top hits for your search results.  

Teams on iOS also will let users view attachments and suggest related files in the details tab of a meeting, potentially helping you track down the files you need in a pinch.  

The Android version of Microsoft Teams also will get several upgrades. Android users will be able to join Teams webinars directly from their phone or tablet. And all meetings are now automatically classified as only meetings. This gives users the opportunity to quickly find and share a meeting invite link.  

These updates follow another slew of improvements for Microsoft Teams on mobile devices. The company recently added the capability have chats and posts read out lout on your device for Android and iOS systems. Presently, the Immersive Reader function only will apply to content within Microsoft Teams and may even allow users to focus on a specific chat or message.  

If you need help to manage these settings or want to learn more about Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams, give 2W Tech a call today. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. 

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