Microsoft Outlook for Windows App Receives Chat Support


Microsoft launched its’ new Outlook for Windows app late last year and it has been slowly adding features to it since. Microsoft just announces its’ new Outlook for Windows is adding support for chatting in a Teams meeting. Rollout for this feature has already begun and should be complete this month for all users of the Outlook Windows app.

Microsoft announced that if an online meeting is created in either Outlook or Teams using Microsoft Teams as the option, Outlook users will be able to join that Teams meeting without having to leave the email app. Outlook users can start a meeting chat from a variety of different screens in the app.

Whoever the organizer of the Teams meeting, which is whose meeting chat policy will apply when a person joins the meeting via Outlook. If an organizer disables chat until the Teams meeting starts, that holds true for the people joining the meeting via the new Outlook for Windows app.

One other exciting bit of news is that Microsoft has started internally evaluating a new custom emoji features for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft employees were surprised with an animated emoji of Pepe the Frog in their reactions and messages. Microsoft is testing the custom emoji features in earlier versions of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams currently supports GIFs through the Giphy service, but these are not included in the emoji panel that appears within video calls and chat messages. Microsoft is being quiet about their plan for custom emojis, as nothing has been officially announced. Microsoft did acknowledge the feature was on its backlog of new additions early last year.

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