Microsoft MyAnalytics gives you the ability to work smarter with personal productivity insights in Microsoft 365. Imagine completing your work week and then receiving a summary of how your week went. You can use that report to explore your work patterns and learn ways you can work smarter, therefore improving your focus, well-being, network and collaboration habits. It is a very non-intrusive way to increase your overall efficiency.

Another cool feature is you also receive AI-powered suggestions in Outlook from MyAnalytics to help you set aside focus time before your week fills up with meetings, stay on top of tasks and emails, and follow up with important people. You can understand and improve your work patterns, gaining uninterrupted time to focus, being able to disconnect and recharge, and networking and collaborating effectively, with help from the MyAnalytics dashboard and weekly email digest.

The idea of your productivity being available for others might be scary to you. Rest assured, only you can view personal data and insights based on work patterns in emails, meetings, calls, and chats. MyAnalytics is designed to protect your privacy.

Microsoft has an infographic, as well as a short video available to users to help them maximize the benefits they can receive from MyAnalytics. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has IT Consultants on staff that specialize in Microsoft 365 solutions. Give us a call today to learn how MyAnalytics can improve your overall business efficiency.

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